8-18-2020 | Fixtureworks Now Offers Versatile Lateral Spring Pins

Fixtureworks® (Fraser, MI) announces the introduction of lateral spring pins to its expanding lineup of locators and workholding solutions.

Lateral positioning pins are ideal for securing parts or to snap parts into place before the primary clamping is actuated. These spring-loaded pins are installed in a mounting hole by tightening a single screw, with no need for special tools. The innovative, adjustable pivot design allows the pin to adjust up to 11 degrees, providing flexibility in locating parts with large tolerances.

These versatile pins can be fitted with different styles of replaceable pivot tips, allowing users to customize the point of contact to secure parts as needed. Standard, ball, and pin tip styles are offered, as well as a blank tip version that can be shaped as needed for your specific part or application.

Lateral pins are designed with a metal-to-metal seal that prevents debris from entering the inner mechanism interference, a common issue with traditional spring-loaded pins.  The pins are made from heat treated steel with a clear nitride finish or 300 series stainless steel. Pins are available in three sizes ranging in diameter from .74 to 1.12 inches, and for each pin size a light, medium and heavy spring force ranging from 5 to 62 lbs. is offered.

To see the entire line of Lateral Spring Pins, click here.


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