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Maximize your machine’s potential with multiple part clamping, quick change components and easy adjustment....
Workholding & Positioning
Replaceable ball and pad type swivel-action assemblies that extend the life of expensive jigs, fixtures and clamping mechanisms.
One-Touch, Side, Toe, Hook, Strap, Modular Assemblies, Mitee-Bite and Wedge.
Supports & Stops
Used for stops, guides, bumpers and protection, these supports and stops offer the highest resistance, strength and load bearing.
Workholding Accessories
Spring supports, knurled knobs, locating screws, riser pads, round adapters, sliding mounts and more.
Plates, Tombstones, Locators
Columns, plates, and blocks for fixtures. Locators for precise alignment and positioning.
Rollers & Bumpers
Material handling components including rubber rollers and bumpers in a wide variety of styles to guard, guide, align and protect.
Quick Release Ball Lock Pins
Available in L, T, ring, nautical, dome and button handle styles. Pull pins and pin accessories also available.
One Touch Fasteners
Designed to be used in quick change applications, providing constant locking forces.
Spring & Ball Plungers
Used to locate, stop, align and hold parts in a wide variety of applications.
Adjustable Levers & Handles
Commonly used in instances where fastening, unfastening, and adjusting becomes difficult due to space constraints.
Knobs, Handles, Hand Wheels
A full range of knobs, grips, handles and hand wheels offering ergonomic design and attractive appearance.
Leveling Feet
Available in steel or stainless with flat or hex mount. Available with or without grip pad. For use with machines in an industrial environment.