Workholding Accessories

Workholding accessories are designed to compliment the tools used in a workholding system or application. These components allow the user greater flexibility in developing workholding solutions. Typically these accessories make a workholding fixture or system more dependable, economical, and easier to use.

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Clamp Rests
For use with strap clamps. Made from SAE-1045 alloy steel, heat treated with black oxide finish.
Nuts and Washers
Flanged nuts, spherical washers and coupling nuts.
Threaded Studs (Metric)
For general set up use. Made from alloy steel with a black oxide finish.
Threaded Studs (Inch)
Used for clamping and setup applications with T-nuts, flanged nuts, strap clamps, etc.
Swing Eye Bolts
Commonly used in jig and fixturing workholding applications. They are available in both fully threaded and partially threaded styles.
Sliding Mounts
Allow for both horizontal and vertical adjustments of clamps, supports, rests, etc.
Tooling Plate Accessories
Used in conjunction with tooling plates and tooling blocks, which are also commonly referred to as fixture plates, grid blocks, or tombstones.
Tapped Hole Plugs
Intended to be used to keep chips and dirt out of unused tapped holes. They provide constant screw in depth and allow for quick installation and removal.
Step Blocks
Provide vertical or horizontal support for strap clamps.
Spring Supports
Used with a strap clamp to retract the clamp from the work piece. The thumb screw allows for adjustment of the spring tension.