Work Locators

Work locators are designed to precisely position a work piece during the machining or inspection process to optimize work piece repeatability. Fixtureworks offers several different types ranging from traditional locating pins to spring loaded and extendable variations. Additionally, several of these work locators can handle work piece loads as high as 660 lbs.

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Rotating the handle projects the locating pin after the work piece is set on supports. This allows loading and unloading of the work piece smoothly without projecting locating pins.
The piston stays locked when it is fully projected or retracted until the handle is turned. The adjustable handle allows for use in confined spaces.
Spring Loaded - Standard
These spring loaded work locators provide accurate positioning.
Spring Loaded - Accurate
These spring loaded work locators provide accurate positioning.
Locating Cylinders
For use with Locating Screws.
Locating Screws
Used to locate a component with a single locating screw hole.
Locating Pins
Accurately position and align fixtures and work pieces.