TriMax S Vises - 5-Axis

TriMax S self-centering precision vises feature high clamping forces and accuracy. Using just 3.5mm of workpiece surface utilyzing TripGrip Inserts, TriMax S vises provide the low profile needed for 5-axis machining.

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TriMax S  Vises -  Basic
This Basic vise set allows a clamping range from 7-85mm. Equipped TG GripSert jaws with TG-STD inserts (for steel).
Vise Jaws - Basic
These jaws fit any TriMax S vise and are designed to be used with TG GripSerts workholding grippers.
Clamp - With Screws and T-Nuts - Pair
These hold-down clamps allow the user to quickly and securely attach the vise to a slotted plate.
Work Stop
Attaches to a TriMax S vise for quick and accurate positioning while loading workholding parts.
TriMax S  Vises - Premium
This Premium vise set features stepped jaws that can hold up to ten TG GripSerts workholding grippers on each jaw. It allows clamping up to 150mm.
Vise Jaws - Premium
These jaws fit any TriMax S vise. Stepped jaws on Premium version can hold up to ten TG GripSerts workholding grippers.
Positioning Keys - Pair
For precise positioning of TriMax S vises on a slotted table or plate.
Clamping Key
Use this clamping key to control the clamping jaws on TriMax S vises.
Interface Plate - 100
Provides greater mounting flexibility when setting up TriMax S vises (100mm width only). Allows TriMax S vises to be used with Zero Point systems.