TriMax M Vises - The Modern Machinist Vise

Truly modular in design, the TriMax M system maximizes workholding combinations with minimal investment in equipment.TriMax M bases are offered in various lengths from 415mm to 878mm. Combine any of the base configurations with a variety of fixed and movable vise jaw components to meet your workholding needs. A patented system allows for quick and easy repositioning of the clamping jaws, and for quick "snap-in" change of parallels, soft jaws and v-jaws.

Components are made from steel profiles for optimal performance. Wear surfaces are treated to achieve a surface hardness of HRc 50/60. All non-ground surfaces are burnished for protection against corrosion. TriMax M vises can be used in conjunction with vertical column and cross cube clamping columns for multiple vertical clamping.

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TriMax M Vises
Standard, XL, and Double vises to meet a variety of work operations and capacities.
Base Extension
This base extension is used to extend the clamping capacity of the TriMax M series vises.
Rigid and floating slideways to secure jaw sets into TriMax M vise base channels.
Accessories & Parts
Spare parts and accessories for use with TriMax M series vises.
Jaw Sets
Fixed and movable jaw sets for TriMax M Series vises.
Easy-to-use "Snap-in" parallels. Straight and angular parallels pairs available in a variety of heights and angles.
Clamping Blocks and Screws
Clamping block spare parts for TriMax M series vises.
Air/Oil Accessories & Parts
For use with TriMax M air/oil equipment.
These jaws are used on TriMax M series clamping system vises.