TriMax C Vises - The Versatile Solution

TriMax C series of vises is a modular system for clamping multiple workpieces that reduces downtime and maximizes machine tool capacity. The movable jaws can be positioned along the vise body to handle a wide range of work pieces. Once the vise is set up, the jaws are activated by turning the lead screw holding the parts securely without distortion. This highly configurable vise can clamp up to four workpieces at one time.

Jaws and supports for TriMax C vises are available in three different widths: 38mm (C38-type), 60mm (C60-type) or 90mm (C90-type). Four base lengths are available (250mm, 400mm, 500mm and 630mm) to fit a wide variety of mounting options, machining configurations and clamping capacities.

TriMax C series vises are designed for use with our exclusive system of Snap-in parallels, available in various heights and sold in pairs. The self-locking design of the parallels allows for the quick and easy installation on the vise jaw with no additional tools. This allows for reduced downtimes, the elimination of clamps and locks, and increased accuracy of the finished parts.

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TriMax C Vises- Base Sets
Sets include vise base, a fixed jaw set, positioning keys and wrench. Complete your vise with additional jaw sets and accessories sold separately.
Snap-in Parallels - 4-Pair Set
Quick and easy installation on Trimax C vises. Four different parallel heights included in set.
Hold-down Clamps - Pair
Use these clamps to quickly and securely attach vise to a slotted plate.
Work Stop
Attaches to a TriMax C vise for quick and accurate positioning of workholding parts while loading.
Jaws - Sets and Accessories
Complete any TriMax C Base Set with additional jaw sets and jaw accessories.
Snap-in Parallels - Pair
Quick and easy installation on Trimax C vises. Choose from four different parallel heights.
Positioning Keys - Pair
For precise positioning of TriMax C vises on a table or plate.