Supports & Stops

Fixtureworks’ line of supports and stops are designed to assist during the machining, assembly, or inspection process by properly positioning the work piece. Whether these parts are used to locate, stop, or support a work piece, Fixtureworks’ extensive line can be integrated in a wide range of applications and environments.

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Rubber and urethane bumpers and stops are designed to guard, stop, align, and protect the machine and workpiece during the manufacturing process.
Spring Loaded Work Supports
Used to provide proper work piece support. The spring loaded plunger retracts into the body of the support when the work piece is put in place. The plunger can then be locked into placed by tightening the knob.
Extendable Work Supports
Allows for easy adjustment with the hand knobs. Turning the knob clockwise pushes the work support upward, counter-clockwise moves it downward.
Support Cylinders
Used to adjust the height of the workpieces where they can then be securely locked. Mounts with socket head cap screw.
Support Jacks
Designed to prevent deflection and chattering caused by machining forces.
Work Locators
Work locators are designed to precisely position a work piece during the machining or inspection process to optimize work piece repeatability.
Contact Bolts
U sed to clamp from above or below the work piece. Contact piece swivels to compensate for uneven work surfaces.
Adjustable Stops
Used to locate, stop, or support a work piece, these components can be integrated in a wide range of applications and environments.
Sliding Mounts
Sliding mounts and stops with a vertical slot that allows the horizontal adjustment to slide up or down for various work piece height.
Long Travel Work Supports
Eliminate chatter and deflection or to clamp large work pieces. Travel range from 2.00” up to 24.00”.
Adj Leveling Supports
Designed to provide accurate height support and alignment for motors, drives and other components where alignment is critical.
Steel V-blocks to hold and support workpieces. Standard and compact sizes.