Pull Pins

These weld-in style spring loaded pull pins allow a user to quickly retract and engage the plunger for locating, fastening, and quick change operations. They consist of two parts which include the housing (barrel) and a plunger assembly. The plunger assembly screws into the housing. The housing is designed to be welded into place for strength. Pulling up on the handle of the plunger assembly retracts the plunger into the housing. Releasing the handle allows the spring loaded plunger nose to extend. The lockout style allows the user to pull and rotate the handle ΒΌ turn to hold the plunger in the retracted position. Pull pins are available with a steel, aluminum, or stainless steel housing. The plunger assemblies are available with either a round handle, T-style handle, or threaded end where a custom handle can be mounted.

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