One-Touch Clamps

Distinctive and unique, the One-Touch Clamp line offers easy and efficient clamping and unclamping of the workpiece without the need for tools when applying the clamps to the work piece during the application. This unique feature helps to reduce time wasted on part setup and changeover while increasing overall productivity.

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Pull Clamps
Operate in conjunction with a clamping pin to provide quick and secure clamping.
Swing Clamps
Designed to rotate into position and then clamp down. Excellent for repetitive clamping operations.
Retractable Clamps
Rocker clamps with cam or adjustable handles.
Side Clamps
Side clamps feature jaws that move forward for secure workholding.
Push Clamps
Designed to exert and upward force of up to 900 lbs. against a clamp or workholding application.
Snap Clamps
Provide uniform and positive "snap on" clamping in one smooth operation.
A variety of handle styles for use with One-Touch Clamps.
Thrust Clamps
The clamping body and a clamping bar are used together for a wide range of workholding solutions.