OML SpA brings over 20 years of workholding experience. OML is known for its line of 5-axis and production vises.

The TRIMAX vise line up consists of:

• Machinist Vise - TRIMAX M Series
• 5-axis Vise - TRIMAX S Series
• 5-axis Vise - TRIMAX G Series
• Production Vise - TRIMAX C Series
• Production Vise - TRIMAX T Series

OML also manufactures the APS zero point clamping system.

• Reduce set up time and increase machine productivity.
• Precision positioning and clamping in one operation.
• Spring force for clamping the pins and compressed air is used to release.
• Three jaws are set at 120 degrees to accurately clamp the pin.
• Repeatability is 0.0002”.

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