Modular Assemblies

Modular clamps and accessories are extremely versatile and flexible, which allows them to be used in a wide variety of workholding applications. The standard modular clamp assembly is designed to exert a downward clamping force on the work piece, similar to that of a strap clamp. Standard modular clamps can also be fastened to a sliding mount unit, which then allows the clamp to be positioned in the proper location. The high-rise modular clamp is comprised of a clamp assembly with any number of modular risers.

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Modular Clamps - Standard
Used with sliding mount units for clamp adjustment.
Modular Clamps - Hi-Rise
Attach to the risers to adjust to the necessary height.
Modular Risers
Used with high rise clamp assemblies for height adjustment.
Quick Lock Buttons
Attach a modular clamp or riser to a sliding mount unit.
Quick Lock Screws - Short
Attach modular clamps and risers to the sliding mount units.
Quick Lock Screws - Long
Attach a modular clamp or riser to a fixture plate.
Sliding Mounts
Allow for both horizontal and vertical adjustments of clamps, supports, rests, etc.