Hook Clamps

Hook clamps apply a direct, downward clamping force on a work piece while remaining low in profile. The standard style is designed with a long clamping arm, providing an extended clamping reach. Compact hook clamps feature a shorter arm for use in tight areas. Because of their low profile design, hook clamps work well in limited space applications where a large amount of clamping force is needed.

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Hook Clamps - Recessed Mount
Hold workpieces securely and can be swiveled out of the way for part loading.
Hook Clamps - Top Mount
Made from alloy steel with a black oxide finish.
Hook Clamps - Compact
High clamping forces and compact design.
Recessed Mount Holder
Used with standard hook clamps or riser cylinders.
Compact Holder - Cylindrical
Used with the compact hook clamps.
Compact Holder - Flanged
Used with compact hook clamps.