Fixtureworks’ line of industrial pull handles are designed to be applicable both on end products as well as the machines used in the manufacturing process. These handles come in a host of different styles, which range from standard bow shaped models to versions designed with ergonomically contoured grips. Material options are also available in each pull handle style which further assists in achieving quality, function, and style. Some of the materials available include stainless steel and high density thermoplastic.

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Machine Handles
Revolving, fixed and folding handles. Made from steel, stainless steel or plastic.
Crank Handles
Made from dark grey thermoplastic. Steel parts are black oxided. Hub cover is supplied to conceal shaft mounting.
Stirrup Handles
Stirrup handles in a variety of materials, colors and mounting configurations.
Bow Handles
Made from aluminum or stainless steel.
Tube - Stainless
The connecting tubes and mounting hardware are made from stainless steel. The connecting tube has a plastic cover. The mounting legs have a matte-finish.
Big Hand Tube - Aluminum
Corner covers are made from grey thermoplastic. The oval tube is aluminum. The corner covers are supplied unassembled.