Fixtureworks offers a wide assortment of manual style clamps that are adaptable to different industrial applications and systems. These unique clamps provide quick, secure, and precise workholding and are manufactured to the highest quality specifications.

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One-Touch Clamps
Easy and efficient clamping of workpieces. Available in many styles.
Wedge Clamps
Low-profile wedge clamps expand evenly and apply balanced workholding pressure to the workpiece.
Side Clamps
Available styles include low profile, wedge and toe clamps.
Hook Clamps
Swing into position and provide a downward force to the workholding application.
Strap Clamps
Versatile strap clamps, threaded studs, toggle screws, nuts and more.
Fixture more parts on the machine table.
OD Holding Clamps
Designed to clamp onto the circumference of oddly shaped workpieces.
Toggle Clamps
High quality, ergonomic designs. Available with standard and safety locking features.
ID Holding Clamps
Designed to clamp onto the inside of workpieces. Ideal for parts with varying inside diameters.
Air Assisted Clamps
Select clamp styles with pneumatic operation for remote-control activation and simultaneous control of multiple clamps.
Modular Clamping  System
Completely modular, this versatile clamping system allows easy height adjustment by coupling the modules.Ideal for 5-axis machining
Modular Clamps & Accessories
Modular clamps and accessories are extremely versatile and flexible, which allows them to be used many applications.
Shaft-Locking Clamps
Designed to positively lock a shaft quickly without the use of tools....