CMM Inspection Fixturing

Fixturing components designed for CMM inspection and light duty fixturing. Versatile and basic, they allow for a wide variety of applications to support, position and secure a workpiece. These products allow the user to obtain accurate measurements by eliminating movement and holding the workpiece at the optimal angle for inspection.

CMM inspection components include grid plates, columns, clamps and standoffs, which are combined to develop simple fixtures and are also available in convenient sets. All CMM fixturing components share a 1/4-20 thread.

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Fixturing Sets
CMM clamp sets with 1/4-20 thread size components.
Grid Plates
Used on a frame or table on a coordinate measuring machine.
Fixture Columns
Used in vertical CMM fixturing applications.
Basic Positioners
Innovate supports, jacks and positioners to position and hold workpieces during inspection.
Basic Supports
Supports and standoffs function as resting points to elevate workpieces during inspection.
Light-pressure clamps secure parts for inspectioncause limited deflection.
Fixturing Magnets
Used to position and hold steel or iron parts for inspection.