4-17-17 | Fixtureworks Offers Full Lineup of OML Vises

Fixtureworks has partnered with Italian manufacturer OML SPa to offer a full line up of high precision vises, tombstones and accessories. OML, a member of the SMW-Autoblok Group, is a world-class manufacturer of premium vises and positioning components backed by three decades of product innovation.

As North American distributor, Fixtureworks offers OML vises in its TriMax Series line. TriMax Series vises offer the benefits you need to maximize your machine’s potential with multiple part clamping, quick change components and easy adjustment. The TriMax series includes five types of vises to suit every application, from 5-axis machining to traditional workpiece clamping.

G-Vise OML Genius Vises TriMax G
The ideal choice for high precision 5-axis machine milling operations. Includes low-profile solid carbide TriGrip inserts for a clamping surface as low as 3.5mm (.14”).
C-Vise OML CIVI Vises TriMax C
Clamp up to four workpieces at one time and choose between many jaw grip types including low profile TriGrip inserts. Configure the vise set as needed to meet your workholding needs.
M-Vise OML MC Vises TriMax M
With the longest and widest vise size options in the TriMax Series, the TriMax M vise is designed for maximum workholding and clamping capacity.
T-Vise OML Tetra Vises TriMax T
A complete multi-part clamping vise that reduces downtime and maximizes machine tool capacity. Clamp up to four workpieces at a time.
S-Vise OML Sintex Vises TriMax S
Self-centering vise designed for high precision 5-axis machine milling operations using TriGrip-equipped jaws.

Also manufactured by OML and offered by Fixtureworks

T-Column OML Vise Columns
A wide range of vise columns are available that hold multiple OML vises on a single column unit. Use on TriMax C, M and T Series vises. Call Fixtureworks for a quote.
APS Zero-Point APS Zero-Point
The pneumatic Zero-Point system of choice, the APS Automatic Positioning System is a universal connection between machine tool, the clamping devise and/or the workpiece that allows both positioning and clamping in one operation. Call Fixtureworks for a quote.

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