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Welcome to the Help Page

Below are some page explanations and tips on how to get the most out of your visit. If you still have questions, feel free to Contact Us and one of our support staff will be happy to assist you.

Home Page

Icon Drilldown
From the home page all our products can be found by selecting one of the nine major product selection categories (1). Once a selection is made, the icon based drilldown opens to the right. By navigating through you will arrive at a Techsheet Page.

Here are some useful points to help with your product selection:

  • Tool Tips (2): By mousing over the "?" in the lower right corner of an icon, additional information is presented.
  • Bread Crumb (3): You can use the bread crumb to see where you are in the drilldown and backup levels if necessary.
  • Additional Level Icon (4): The symbol in the upper right corner of some icons indicates that additional levels of icons exist. If there is no symbol then that icon will take you to a Techsheet Page.

Home Page

Product Category Pages
Alternatively, you can begin your product search from the Product Index (5). This button, found on the home page and in the top navigation bar, will display a list of products offered by Fixtureworks. Select from one of the categories in the Product Index to view that Product Category Page. Get information about categories and flip through the Product Slideshow (6). Techsheets, which hold the majority of product information, can be accessed from the Product Category Pages using the Icon Drilldown Sub-nav (7) at the top or the List View Drilldown (8) which displays the name of each Techsheet within that category. Each Product Category has a list of Related Categories (9) that can help in your product search.

Product Index Page

Techsheet Pages

Pricing & Online Ordering
Once your product search has been narrowed to a Techsheet you can use the Line Drawing (10) and Web Table (11) to further narrow your search to a specific part number. Get additional information by navigating to the Technical Info section towards the bottom of the page. Selecting the Pricing Icon (12) for a part number gives the user instant quantity based pricing. Fixtureworks offers secure online credit card ordering and net30 terms for qualified customers.

Onscreen CAD Model Viewing
To view an onscreen CAD model, first select the Part Number (13) of interest. Once the page reloads with part number and part description appearing in the Blue Info Box (14), select "3D ON" on the model viewer (15). You may be prompted to download the View Point Plug-in for models to display properly. Once the model appears in the viewer you can Pan, Zoom, and Rotate it to inspect details. Selecting the Hyperview (16) option further magnifies the CAD model beyond the confines of the viewer window.

CAD Downloads
CAD downloads are available for free and without registration. The CAD Download button (17) will download the part number displayed in the Blue Info Box (14). By default, the first part number in the web table is selected. Select a new part number from the list and it will appear in the Blue Info Box. Select the CAD Download button to choose the file format and download.

Sub Navigation
The Icon Drill Sub-nav (18) is displayed on the top. This is a smaller version of the Home Page Drilldown, but contains all the same information. By mousing over the Product Menu (19) you can select from the 9 major categories. The Quick Part Search (20) allows for searches by part number or keyword.

Techsheet Page

Search Function

Part Number Search
The part number search can accept full or partial part number entries. Select a part number from the search results to view pricing information. Fixtureworks uses the part numbers of our suppliers - if you have a Fairlane, Imao, Kipp, Ok-Vise or Mitee-Bite part number, type it in to get quantity based pricing. If nothing is returned, Fixtureworks may be able to order the part if it is from one of the pricipal manufacturers. This is especially true for the Kipp product line.

Seach Results Page.

Pricing Page
Once you get a part number’s price you may want to verify some information found on the techsheet page. By selecting the View all from product group (21) button you can move from the pricing page to the techsheet page. This is especially useful when using the part number search function.

Pricing Page

Keyword Search
The keyword search is a newer function that we are continually updating and refining. When a search is made the entire drilldown hierarchy tree is returned with hightlighted categories matching your search word. By fully expanding a category you can select individual techsheet pages which appear red when mousing over.

Keyword Search Results Page

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